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Character Idea - Carrion

CybourgRokuCybourgRoku Posts: 37
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It's me again! Some new ideas, this is going to be my thoughts on what I'd like to see for Carrion if he were to enter the Battlerealm. I've always enjoyed Carrion and would love to see him in MCoC though with his abilities and what I've come up with he will sadly be a "Fun and Interactive" Defender... Sorry... then again this'll probably not end up in game anyways so let's have fun with it!

The numbers are roughly based off of a 5*R5
Carrion will be a Science
Defense: Utility/ Offence: Damage over Time
Base Stats:
HP: 39633
Attack: 2234
Crit: 430 (17%)
Crit Damage: 612 (162.8%)
Armor: 654 (23.75%)
Block Proficiency: 2900 (58%)
He's a bit squishy (Hehe) with his base defense stats but he makes up for it with a decent Health Pool. And his attack stats are slightly lower than average, but he makes up for it with easy access so DoTs, and other damage enhancements.

Awakened Ability: Density Control: Carrion is capable of controlling his own anatomy to point of near intangibility. Anytime Carrion is Struck he gains a stack of Density: reducing all physical damage taken by 2 - 5%. If Carrion would be struck by a contact attack while at or above 6 Density, all stacks are removed and the attack and all attack for the next second after have a 100% chance to miss. When charging a Heavy attack Carrion is automatically set to 6 Stacks of Density and cannot gain Density this way again for 22 - 15 seconds.

Decaying Touch: Anytime Carrion makes contact with his opponent he applies a dormant Red Dust Passive (Max 15). Anytime Carrion would apply a Red Dust passive to an opponent he also applies a non-stacking Passive Degeneration dealing 558.5 (25% of modified attack rating) Physical damage over 1 second. The damage from this effect is increased by 0.5% for every 3% critical damage rating Carrion has (Max bonus at 50% increase (300% critical damage rating)). This effect has -50% potency if the opponent has an Armor Up, and Robots are immune to Decaying Touch

Red Dust: Carrion has 2 forms of Red Dust he can use: Choking Gas or Corrosive Acid.
He can change which is active by double tapping block.
Charging a Heavy Attack near an opponent activates the Red Dust charges which has a differing effect based on which form Carrion has active.
While Red Dust is active, Carrion cannot apply additional Red Dust to the opponent but making contact still applies the Degeneration from Decaying Touch. Carrion's Heavy attack does not make contact with the opponent.

Choking Gas: The opponent is afflicted with a Concussion Debuff reducing ability accuracy by 5% per Red Dust active on them, and reducing Block proficiency by 50% for 15 seconds, Additionally while the opponent has the Concussion Debuff they are also afflicted with a Fragility Passive increasing your critical damage rating by 245 per Red Dust on the opponent. After the Concussion expires or is purified the opponent is passively stunned for 4 seconds.
Robots are immune to Choking Gas.

Corrosive Acid: The opponent is inflicted with a Degeneration Debuff dealing 223.4 (10% attack rating) per second for each Red Dust on the opponent for 12 seconds, additionally for every Armor Up effect on the opponent when the Red Dust is activated, Carrion inflicts them with an Armor Break reducing Armor Rating by 233 lasting until the Degeneration expires.

Undying: Carrion's Regeneration rate is set to 50% baseline and cannot be modified by any other effects. Carrion restores 1% of his missing HP per second. (With mod, this counts to 0.5% missing HP restored per second.)


Vengeance for Gwen: Other Synergy Members: Spider-Man (Classic), Green Goblin, Spider Gwen, Gwenpool
Webbing lasts for an additional 1.5 seconds.
While at least one Gwen is on your team and all Gwens on your team are dead: Spider-Man gains +284 attack rating for every stack of Webbing on the opponent.

Green Goblin: Madness charges last for an additional 7 seconds.
While at least one Gwen is on your team and no Gwens on your team are dead: Green Goblin gains +710 attack rating for every Madness charge he has

Carrion: Red Dust maximum stacks increased by 3.
While at least one Gwen is on your team and all Gwens on your team are dead: Choking Gas lasts for an additional 7 seconds.

Fun and Interactive!: Other Synergy Members: Dormammu, Magik, Electro:
Dormammu applies his Degeneration anytime a buff would expire off of himself and anytime an opponent activates a Special attack.

Magik: The chance to activate Limbo is increased by a flat 12% and its damage is increased by 80%.

Electro: Static Shock damage is increased by 50% and has a 100% chance to activate anytime he would strike the opponent or their block with his Light, Medium, or Heavy attacks.

Carrion: Decaying Touch degeneration now has a max stack of 2.

Carnage Family: Other Synergy Members: Carnage, ???, ???
Carnage gains +167 Attack Rating for every active Genetic Mutation he has.

Carrion: HP restored from Undying is increased by 0.2% per Synergy Member on your team.

Enemies: Other Members: Venom, Black Cat, Iron Fist, Captain America (Classic):
All Team Members gain +6% attack rating for each Synergy member on your team.

This is what I've got so far. If you have any thoughts, ideas, criticisms please let me know and if you liked this, you should check out some of the other ones I've done... (I've done a lot.)
If you got this far thank you for taking the time, and have a great day!
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