Autofight Issues

At some point between Wednesday and today I am no longer able to turn auto-fight off once I've toggled it on. The only way for me to turn the function off is to either complete the fight with auto-fight and then toggle it at the screen before the fight starts (additionally if I toggle it back on in that screen I can't turn it off still until after the fight ends) or restart the game. This is terrible if you were coming from a quest like the T3B event quest (auto the whole thing) and then were trying to make the best use of your energy by doing another run in the uncollected event mode (where you likely aren't auto-fighting). Most times you either end up losing half a champ or an entire champ if you let them auto-fight the whole thing.

Just another bug to add to the list for what started as a great month, it once again looks like Kabam can't be trusted to push quality updates without a ridiculous number of bugs.


  • Also if it helps - I'm using an Iphone 7+ on the latest IOS and MCOC versions.
  • NiteAndDaeNiteAndDae Posts: 670 ★★★
    had the same issue. Rebooted the phone and restarted the game and all was fixed.
  • I've been restarting the game (not like it matters it restarts every time I want to switch between Line and game now anyway on IOS) but haven't tried restarting the phone. I'll give it a shot.
  • Deleted the app and reinstalled problem appears to have gone away.
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