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Brutal DLX Challenge: Quake not generating power when charging heavies against Scarlet Witch

iOS 16.1.1
iPhone XS Max
Game version 41.0.0

I've tried using Quake against Scarlet Witch in the BrutalDLX challenge chapter 1, quest 2.

The Powering Up node says "The Attacker cannot gain Power during the fight through normal means. While the Attacker is charging a Heavy Attack, they will gain 8% of a Bar or Power every 0.10 seconds".

However Quake is gaining now power. She gains prowess though from the Going Super node. You can see in the screenshot that Quake has 400 prowess but no power. I have taken a screen recording if needed.


  • GogiGogi Posts: 427 ★★★
    I'm guessing concussions shuts down you power gain as well :D
  • lozzadudelozzadude Posts: 163
    The concussion should only affect SW :smiley:
  • Noob_Master69Noob_Master69 Posts: 675 ★★★★
    edited August 2023
    lozzadude said:

    The concussion should only affect SW :smiley:

    Lots of nodes work like this (sadly), getting power from the heavy is an ability that comes from Scarlet Witch, so reducing AA can prevent it from triggering

    But I do agree that this should be made more clear somewhere and/or needs to be changed, because you do seem to be getting the prowess just fine
  • MaratoxMaratox Posts: 1,487 ★★★★★
    lozzadude said:

    The concussion should only affect SW :smiley:

    It is affecting scarlet witch. The power granted from charging heavy comes from one of her nodes.
  • hotduelisthotduelist Posts: 15
    This is frustrating because the way its set up, it seems like it was made for quake
  • ShadeadShadead Posts: 28
    It’s not limited to Quake. The node is bugged in general. I’ve had it happen with Magneto, Hercules, AA (no neurotoxins applied), and several other champs.
  • Maat1985Maat1985 Posts: 2,237 ★★★★
    it is not bugged.
    it is working as intended.
    it is the negative downside of ABILITY ACCURACY REDUCTION showing its face.
    i had pacify mastery on max.
    had to change my masteries and remove it as it was frustrating cus it did not work.

    many many nodes are affected like this.
    so many various forms of power gain nodes.
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