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Chat scammers

adamjakubiadamjakubi Posts: 42
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I wasn’t around last year. So gifting is new to me. Quite a few scammers taking people for a ride... is it against the rules to start a list of known scammers with screen shot eveidence so we know who to avoid? Will mods take a report seriously or do we have to handle this ourselves?


  • BinawayawhileBinawayawhile Posts: 287
    From memory, Kabam didn't get involved previously as it isn't against the TOS, if you have put trust into someone that turned out to be a scammer then it looks like you might be out of luck.

    Obviously people need to exercise some caution when trading Gifts, just like the real world, there are some people who do not care that their actions hurt others and are selfish and inconsiderate, basically, they are the low life bottom feeders that only get by by targeting good people.
  • It certainly goes against the spirit of the game... and the spirit of gifting.. I hope mods do something because otherwise what is the point of having an event that encourages gifting back and forth if they allow it to happen...
  • Also, does that mean we start a list?
  • adamjakubiadamjakubi Posts: 42
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  • MenkentMenkent Posts: 874 ★★★
    Unfortunately, calling out players like this violates forum rules. But scammers are easy to avoid - stay out of global chat. It's a cess pool.
  • If it means less ppl get scammed I think I’ll sleep fine with whatever consequences kabam has for me...
  • Hey all!, Please do not post players names in the forums. If you are having problems with another player or suspect someone of cheating, please report this to customer service or a moderator privately.

    You can contact our Customer Support team here.
  • It’s nice to know you can follow up a breach that quickly... I’ll assume then you’ll follow up our friend with the same amount of enthusiasm? I’ve messaged you and look forward to a quick response.
  • Goose26Goose26 Posts: 9
    And you know customer support they will send a threatening computer generated response. Scammers shaking in their boots no doubt lol
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