Ice Peonix Cold Snap

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Why did my r3 5star Nebula die from only Cold snap at 100% health from Ice Poenix. 0 hits, not even a blocked hit. I just evaded so cold snap could wear off and still dead. Trying to be diverse in the champs I use to beat content and I can't use whatever champ I want. This is lame.


  • I got her..... Still a pain though...
  • It is another example of terrible game design. The only way they know how to make the game more difficult is to add mechanics like this to give us massive amounts of unavoidable damage or to tamper with our reactions speeds, which usually results in a bunch of bugs.
  • Stupid kabam just wants money for the revives . Way to make it fun . Must need that extra cash for all them executives in the front office . Got to buy their new cars somehow right !
  • Your HP need to be more than 20k. So boost up before fight. Or use a champ that can shrug it off.
  • Yeah I really wanted to 100% uncollected but can't find it within myself to keep fighting her when the cold snap takes away so much
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    rogue or Meph. Otherwise, high health.
  • You could also use a Captain America and just block everything. He takes 0 damage
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    I just did this fight this morning, used a rank 4 5* SL with 20% health and attack boost plus tech special boost.
    She wasn't nearly as hard as I've seen people make her out to be.
    I needed 1 revive because I miss timed an s1 and took cold snap but that was my fault.

    Followed it by one shotting Taskmaster
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    What many people forget is the amount of damage taken on a parry of a champ with 10K attack. So, even if you have a 15K full health champ, once you’ve lost 10-11K from Coldsnap, it doesn’t take many parries or blocked/parried Sp1s to get KOd.

    Dr. Zola
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    I used my 5 star 4/55 sig 146 Star Lord, one shot uncollected Ice Phoenix each time I went against her for full explore.

    Just takes practice and end game champs for new/uncollected end game content.
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