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Why is knull an exception?

RapRap Posts: 3,203 ★★★★
edited March 2 in General Discussion
I noticed on the x-magica/magic heist solo achievements that we can use the items collected on knull, and I am wondering why knull, who has neither of those tags, is the one exception for using the items obtained in that solo event?

Why out of the 200 some champs not tagged for this multi month event has knull been singled out as the sole untagged champ we can use those items on?
Does anybody know the answer?


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    JefechutaJefechuta Posts: 1,212 ★★★★
    He is into the theme of the Monthly Event
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    RapRap Posts: 3,203 ★★★★
    edited March 2
    That doesn't make much sense. Then why not just tag him? Cause they don't want us getting points for using him? Or don't want him boosted for "Everest" content?
    Seriously? What is the rational? Seems stupid when all they had to do was tag him.
    And as they obviously get to choose who gets the tag, and as there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the champs chosen and tagged (other than the fact most of us have passed most of them over by when ranking) they could have just as well added him.
    If he is part of the event? Then he is part of the Saga. He benefits from the rewards, ipso facto he should be tagged and get the 3 month boost.
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    JefechutaJefechuta Posts: 1,212 ★★★★
    Its easy to explain.

    He is part of the Monthly Event, which means he is not part of the whole Saga but the one of the months of it, so he will participate for the Saga rewards that we get this month because he is the protagonist of this Monthly Event, the rest of the Saga Champs are relevant for the whole 3 months of the duration of the Saga, so they are relevant the whole months for the whole rewards/boosts.

    Knull is not meant to be part of it, but since those Saga rewards will last for his Monthly Event, they decided to add him aswell for the rewards we will get during it; so if they touch something, it would be to remove him from the rewards exception rather than adding the tag, instead fo complaining, appreciate the fact that they decided to add him for the Sigs and the Rank Up gems.
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