Am I ready to take on the first two chapters of Act Five?

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Hello all, I'm finally getting around to completing Act Four and I'm having no issues doing so. I recently took up my unawakened 4* Gwenpool to rank 5 level 50. My strongest champs that are all Rank 4/40 are Ghost Rider awakened, Star-lord awakened, X-23 unawakened, Black Widow awakened (sig level 70), and Yondu awakened. I have an Iceman, Rogue, Vision Age of Ultron, Hulk, and Archangel all at rank 3/30 unawakened. Should I wait to bring one of those five up to rank 4 and then tackle Act Five, or do you think I'm ready as is?


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    Take SL and AA to R5 and you should have no problem (well to much anyways) as long as you can dodge and intercept.
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    I plan on taking Star-Lord up to R5 when I get more tech frags, is AA even worth taking up to R5 unawakened?
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    Yes he is. He doesn't need to be awakened to be good, just so much better awakened. But Definitely worth an R5
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    Alright! Thanks for the advice.
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    Also, GR is a great champ aswell. One of the better healers if not the best in game. He'll take you far, just doesn't hit that hard so a little longer fights.

    You'll need an immune champ as well...Iceman would be the guy for that also.
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    I did 5.1 with 4 R4 4*s and a R5 4* and looking at your roster (which FYI is MUCH better than mine) I’d say if you’ve got the skill than yes but you might want to rank up some of those 3/30 champs just in case. For 5.2... I’m not sure. The first three chapters shouldn’t be too hard but after that it gets pretty rough. I still haven’t done 5.2.4 but looking at the champs you have I’d say you have a good chance
  • Dmack976637Dmack976637 Posts: 69
    Just want to update, I have become uncollected recently! I was able to do it with Rank 5/50 Starky, Gwenpool, and Hulk all duped, and Rank 4/40 Iceman and Angela.
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    I did it with 4/40s of demi god level and hyperion(I dont consider hin to be demi or god I place him in the middle)With your champs,decent skill,parry,dexterity, and a couple of potions,yes.
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