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Call me a noob but..(New BG season)

Saw summary of June 14 livestream. "--make it easier to progress for people with higher loss: win ratio". Got excited for new BG, 'cuz I would get more..uh...those loopy line things. 1st battle: deck had all 7 and 6*, I am literally in Bronze 5 WTF. 2nd battle, same. 3rd battle: ray of hope, a few 12k hr+ champs, but then when drafting, opponent gets all his top champs, while i get my mid champs. I am not saying that i can't wait a few days for the stronger players to get to the top, i am saying, WHY WHY WHY did this happen in the first place. If the player ended in silver last season, they could've been placed in silver 5, but I am getting whaled (and so are other players). The 15k 7* shards and 10k titan shards are compensations for the better and higher class summoners, but what about the ones in the lower end? All i am saying is, there should be some sort of...compensation for players who get whaled again and again, if they didn't reach a higher rank after a week or 2. (waiting to get blasted by all those disagrees)


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    MrSakuragiMrSakuragi Posts: 4,595 ★★★★★
    You’re getting whaled by people that didn’t play last season.
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    Asher1_1Asher1_1 Posts: 220 ★★
    Because after years after playing some wants to take a laidback approach play for fun.
    Collecting deathless piece is fun so they don't play competitive but to get the deathless vision piece they have to play .so They start lower and get matched with whoever is in the lower bronze tier.
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    Supergamer_69Supergamer_69 Posts: 23
    oh. that's reasonable. but perhaps i should rephrase it: compensation for a few days lost for progress in bg. make more sense now?
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    Supergamer_69Supergamer_69 Posts: 23
    case closed, although the compensation isn't that huge. at least i got my first win of the season.
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