Beta Participation

Do I have to own Red Hulk and Luke Cage as 5* to be involved in the beta? I’m level 57 and I have a 4* Luke Cage and a 3* Red Hulk but I never got an invitation to the beta.


  • You have to have them, be level 55, and even then its random. Doesn't guarantee you'll be a part of it
  • ScottryanScottryan Posts: 360
    I think you need both as 4*...and not eveyone gets beta m8. Only some people wintin the massive amount of players within the requirements got it
  • Red Hulk deserves better, Hulk made Marvel..It may be a good idea to upgrade some of the original heroes instead of making everyone that’s new elite.How about a few new punching bags
  • Sorry, didn't know sentry was elite.
  • LordNegrotronLordNegrotron Posts: 241
    Cool thanks everyone for the insight lol
  • Como activo el beta?
  • Всем привет,у меня маленькая проблема (((
    Когда захожу на тест версию халка и люка то почему-то пишет что не пройдена до конца карта 4го акта ,но на основном акк я ее прошёл!
  • '👏nice I really like this beta people are in to it I want to be in it to
  • Me encantaría estar en la beta para mejorar la experiencia del juego y del usuario
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