$500+ in units... For 1/3 a 5* what a joke

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Guys, I'm not good at Spanish but wow! 16,000+ units / 3,000 per Odin = 5.3 ($530.00) plus taxes for uhhh 3,000 5* shards?
Recap - 1/3 5* crystal for over $500.

I get it, escalating price points and deminiahing marginal utility don't go together. Whoever deleloped this waste of space should be fired. Myself being one of your supporting customers (likely not for long), it would be nice to see a deal that isn't a total waste of time. I know this will get nowhere because that's typical kabam but maybe someone will take a hint there.



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    Yeah the math on those deals is super confusing. I'm not sure what they were thinking.
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    Kabam CEO wants to buy his wife a diamond ring
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    They think they are slick like spider gwen's sp1.
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    It costs 27000 units to get 30 generic 4* sig stones, what a deal steal!
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    I wonder what kind of crazy expensive drugs they're doing to need to charge that much.
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    Rarely they ll give beneficial deals... Buy that only
  • you should only buy the first few, the increase in price is supposed to discourage you from buying more, only the whales will buy more than 10
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    Trap wrote: »
    I know an ally that can help you out with units. Lol

    Username checks out. :wink:
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    Im just waiting for that one person to defend this sort of stuff.
  • I can be that person.

    Kabam have already said they had to stick a limit on so agreed on 30 for all items. They’re not expecting people to max out but don’t want to put a lower max limit on and have people complain that they can’t buy enough.

    I looked this morning and bought 3x the 5* shards as that’s all I had available with units. If I had more I would have bought more until the prices got too high.
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    Imagine that buying all 30 didn't have a diminishing value. We've seen T2A crop up several times, meaning it would be actually 'affordable' to buy a whole T2A pretty quick if you had a stash of units. As it refreshes every x hours it also means these deals come again pretty regularly.

    The point of this store is clearly to give regular items to 'top up' or push you over to a new crystal/resource rather than for people to buy the max amount each time.
    Oh well its a good thing you don't have to buy it, otherwise that would be ridiculous
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    The first 2 or 3 you buy aren’t terrible but the scaling is awful on all the items
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    They don’t play the game in any meaningful way. That is obvious. Thus, they have virtually no understanding of the game’s economy.
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    I don't think the limit resets every time, I think it's capped at 30 during the run of the sale. I could be wrong, and hopefully so.
  • We have covered this in other threads, but will repeat this here:

    The point here is not to buy all of the Items, but be able to top up on items that you may be interested in. Originally, there was a lower purchase limit, but we decided to raise it for all items to 30. There may be some items that show up that you might want 30 of, but we're staying consistent with all items.

    If you don't want to buy all 30, just don't do it. It's up to you to decide how much you want to invest, and what you want to get back for that amount.

    Closing this thread down because there is no more to add.
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