AM map 6 starburst / Degeneration

Hi there

My Allianz and me started playing map 6.
do you Guys have any tips wich heros are good for the stardust and / or Degeneration way



  • nameplasnameplas Posts: 236 ★★
    You can overcome degen with any champ that has a good regen like a wolverine, ghost rider etc etc
    For starburst, a lot depends on playing aggressively regardless of champions. I ranked up iron man to 5/50 for starburst, i finish fights right after his arc overload regens. Max assassin and courage help with starburst.
    Good luck!
  • Mike_BMike_B Posts: 33
    Yeah i thought that there is a ultimative Hero for stardust or Degeneration where you wont have any Problems :)

    Wolverine is ok But u have to Be Lucky to get the Regeneration and Even more at the Ende of the fight :)

    Ironman and ultron are good options too i think

    Maybe other Player have some other ideas

    Thx and sorry for that english
  • Mike_BMike_B Posts: 33
  • BreakoutBreakout Posts: 34
    King Groot with special 3
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