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    They told me they were going to fix it within a month. That was July and they kept givivyme the run around. I have their email. If I post it on the forum they are going to flag me and threaten to ban me.
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    Edward wrote: »
    Could we get an update on what Kabam plans to do about Pure Skill Mastery. Many people maxed this out before 12.0 changes and have been left hanging since it just isn't effective or worth it at all ever since diminishing return was implemented. Many of us have been patiently waiting for any word on this and nothing and this is extremely infuriating specially since it cost 145 Skill Cores to unlock or 4350 units.

    I included a video made by another player demostrating the difference.

    If we could get some type response from a mod it would be extremely appreciated.

    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious @Ad0ra_

    This is so painful to watch! LOL
    Pre 12.0 my DD L99 used to punch at least 40% more than that. SP2 was deadly (same as BW) with 15-20k damage. Now it's pathetic.

    And please, don't forget Iron Fist! The Armor Break mechanics is completely broken nowadays
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    Don't give up people! We need answers Kabam
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    We still here
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    I'm still confused on why they just put It in the flat rate Numbers. Or try a beta...
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    As a person who has no mastery points invested in pure skill..this is pretty ridiculous that this thread is still being ignored.

    If I had invested 1.5 Odins in this you had better believe I’d be bumping the post along with you.

    You aren’t bothering most of us, bump away until you get your answers. Good luck.
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    What if they simply changed pure skill to give a boost to skill champions ability accuracy like 10-15% or something instead of worrying about fixing its relevance to damage in relation to armor ratings.
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    We need Answers kabam. Are we going to get a fix before 8 star champions arrive?
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    Just got a message from kabam. It will be fixed when bases come out which should be right after a universal cure for cancer LOL
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    I can’t believe they are ignoring this post. They should at least keep us updated on it
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    It's almost a year since they nerfed PS and more than 3 months since this post was made yet no reply. They're silence says it all. Forget about PS you've been duped. Better yet let the mods delete this post iteself.
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    They deleting those posts where people saying that some alliances cheating the game
    But not commenting on this post
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    I'm going to post on behalf of kabam.
    This was brought to "the team" and they are looking into it.
    I understand that you might be feeling frustrated. You can rest easy because Kabam cares.
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    I do not blame Kabam when they ignore some of the crazy tinfoil hat threads that get posted...

    But this is NOT one of those threads. With the amount of time that has passed, and considering how much money/units some people have put into Pure Skill...Kabam ignoring this is really sad. I know they like to take the tone of "we do not update players on anything until we have new information", and normally I understand that POV. But this is something that needs to be acknowledged by them on a regular basis....the fact that this has gone on for almost a year...it is a continuous middle finger to a portion of the player base.
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    Pathetic customer service!
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    Mainly directed @Kabam Miike
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    I think pure skill should give armor penetration together with armor break. If I understood correctly how post 12.0 works, is that armor penetration does what armor break was doing pre 12.0, namely with negative armor break points. They gave thor post 12.0 a bit of armor break to have less salty people (imho they should have done the same with iron fist)! @Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Loto @Kabam Zibiit
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    Yeah... It's safe to say Kabam doesn't care
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