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Nerfs and "character adjustments"



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    LoPresti wrote: »
    Since when does Willpower affect Concussion btw? Noticed this recently with Quake, almost timed out on the miniboss cause it took forever to kill. I mean, it makes sense, concussion is a debuff, but at least announce it in the patch notes.

    Concussion does trigger wp but Quake's didn't because it was a passive concussion debuff. Now, Kabam suddenly decided to make it an active debuff without any notice which effectively nullifies a LOT of Quake's damage if the opponent is running wp
  • They nerfed strange's regen so they can make you spend to get the synergy that makes it useful again. Seatin has a point: I don't like the trend of making you use multiple champs to make one whole, and worthy to use, through synergies. Just make them a useable champ off the bat. Strange was taken from r5 AQ monster, to r3 damnit he cost me another fight in arena...champ.
  • ViperKingVViperKingV Posts: 111
    I did not like the way Kabam dealt with Gwen Pool. Kabam needed to adjust her Heavy Attack to prevent players from creating a contin. looped effect, but she was not OP by Kabam’s definition. She was and is almost completely ineffective against bleed immune champs and she is vulnerable to any attack.
    Kabam has a history of over doing character adjustments. Champion nerfs/adjustments are Almost always done to reduce/eliminate an ability that allows players to defeat hard game content without requiring a proportionate level of skilled game play.
    Kabam needs to put more care/thought/effort into making sure an ability adjustment only eliminates the unintended uses without eliminating the usefulness of the ability that was intended. If there is no way to preserve the intended use of an ability, then Kabam should balance it with a new ability or adjusting a weakness.
    GP is still a great champion, but she clearly has been replaced by Blade as top skill champ. There are other champions such as Ronan, who’s abilty was reduced with no balancing Boost. He was bugged for months, and now he is usually ranked in the bottom tier of champions.
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