10 alliance 5x5 t5 war recruiting

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10m alliance. 5x5 expert tier, recruiting, aq score 100m, tier 5 war, normal donations and minimums for completion (not arena) speeds80 in game or line app (line app mandatory)
We are an active alliance, communicate well and rarely fail aq, if you don’t join aq for 12 hours don’t bother


  • Hi , Is there a vacany for two people 160k and 280k rating. Map 5 experience is there .

    Game Id : shadowWolf.
    Line Id : idyllicsage
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    Sorry I forgot to put, one r4 5* minimum (or uncollected title)
    Day 5 of aq we are fighting 14k syms, higher prestige = harder fights
  • 66osfr79d388.pngcan I join?
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    Looking for two this week, what is up with people not joining aq for 14 hours, if that’s your norm, don’t bother, we are tier 7 in new war and gold 2 at the moment, war Has not been a focus as we run 2wargroups normally, but we are deciding about that as a group, we have 28 really good committed players, 20 of us have been there a year or longer, looking for long termers thanks
  • just sent you request in game
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    Sorted, looking for 1 now
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