Any UK or European Alliance to join

As title says, i am looking for a European based alliance to join. I am, level 56 and i have 160 K prestige.
I am active, loyal and good team player, i always communicate and follow instructions from leader or officers.

The alliance i am looking for must ;

1-)KNOW THAT THIS IS JUST A GAME FOR FUN ( i don't care how much the alliance leader spent money or time for his alliance)
2-) Do AQ (Map3 or maybe map 4 sometimes) as many as possible as i am able to participate them all.
3-) Do at least one AW every week



  • JohnPaulBusuJohnPaulBusu Posts: 82
    [VaEx] Vamp1re Extreme is looking for active member to join our alliance.

    We run map 4 all aq, do 3 wars per week, hit SA each week, and all we ask is that you be active and participate in all events, listen to what officers/leader have to say and above all else enjoy the game.

    We also use line but its optional if you have but we would greatly appreciate it if you use it as we can communicate better with it.

    If you want any more info feel free to contact any one of the officers/leader
  • MaylieqprMaylieqpr Posts: 37
    Hi the Uprising (Win-1) would love you to join. We match exactly what you’re looking for!

    Drop me a request in game maylieqpr
  • shury4shury4 Posts: 85
    We are 5.8 mil. alliance looking for an active & loyal European player.
    We run map 5 and AW twice a week.
    We are all mature and you would fit in our alliance.

    My ign: shury4
  • @tufan_1974 do you have Line?
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