"Medusa or Hyperion" pt. 1

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So yeah, I'm having a hard time deciding who to rank first.
Medusa duped for 5/50 4* or unduped Hyperion 5* to rank 3.
I only have 6 T4Cosmic Catalyst. I can do both, but it will risk my Hyperion to making it to rank 4 5* (im close on getting my final T4Cosmic Cat). I am both experienced and love using both. I know that the game now shifts toward 5* heroes now, but medusa is very awesome and damage output for both are very good. So who should take it? Thank you!

"Medusa or Hyperion" pt. 1 25 votes

Duped 4* Medusa to rank 5
AfridKenshioHit_me_TwicexhhxhhhjjjjujjjBackjrSix_strings6TheHoodedDormammuLOИEWOLFRicardobalto 9 votes
Unduped 5* Hyperion to rank 3
dangerbluOneManArmyHotCarlosJets44HazerfaceF4k3_GaM3rnameplasDarkrider05ianster34zero7SuperSam57BreybreyLt_Magnum_1Icecold2099Morning_GoryDizzy 16 votes


    Duped 4* Medusa to rank 5
    Medusa is a Badass After She's Duped.. She's a Game changer with hell of huge damage..
  • If medusa was 5 star then you should absolutely r4 her but because Hyperion will bring your farther since you have 2 ranks more to go I vote Hyperion
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