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BlaargoBlaargo Posts: 232
edited February 2018 in General Discussion
Whats the best reward of being uncollected

Uncollected 64 votes

The Grandmaster Crystals
adqqedfyvrSac123_Swapnil_Verma0031Morning_GoryBlaargoShadowXBlasthammer4LogangronckiMrmarvel123 9 votes
The Uncollected Title
Anonymous346SpiritOfVengeanceJayProngsBhokaaaaaaal 4 votes
The new Battle Chip Crystal
The new Uncollected difficulty
DL864GamerSolswerdBigMoSnizzbarLeNoirFaineantBitterSteelSpity68Goken2345Playerdangerbluvg2782mmmbanyasAfridweavileGAM3RGUYKestrelleAlCapone2727BUZZdog3000HENRIQUE_FORTE 45 votes
The new daily/free crystal.
Willjackson16SagnikfurySungjG0311TurtleAddict 5 votes
Another(Please specify)
Next2Hell 1 vote


  • Next2HellNext2Hell Posts: 102
    Another(Please specify)
    I would say all good without title, especially 4 hours crystals with lots of revives 40%
  • AfridAfrid Posts: 529 ★★
    The new Uncollected difficulty
    The rewards are insane
  • BlaargoBlaargo Posts: 232
    The Grandmaster Crystals
    Don't know how I'd live without that title!

  • BlaargoBlaargo Posts: 232
    The Grandmaster Crystals
    Anyone else wanna input
  • weavileweavile Posts: 288
    The new Uncollected difficulty
    4* and 5* pouring in with occasional 6*
  • Lt_Magnum_1Lt_Magnum_1 Posts: 628 ★★
    The new Uncollected difficulty
    New uncollected difficulty gives a good amount of 5* and 6* shards.
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