AQ rewards [Under Investigation]



  • Em101Em101 Posts: 12
    Ours havent received Aq rewards as well. 13 hours and counting. Senta ticket..reply was...we got a high score.
  • Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,145 ★★★
    Still nothing, it's going to be approaching 24 hours in a little while, that's a really long delay and a reallomg period without them really addressing it and telling us why and how's this been going on for the last couple of aqs now.

    Can you try not to mix up the threads to some posts are about the aw and aq so it doesn't have anything to do with this and reminds me of their support
  • So any timeframe on when rewards will come in?
  • Andim_wsgAndim_wsg Posts: 1
    edited February 2018
    Minha ali até agora não recebeu a premiação da AQ
    Over 12 hours....still nothing. Has anyone seen a response from the powers that be??
  • PlantesanPlantesan Posts: 315 ★★
    KOST2PLAY wrote: »
    Over 12 hours....still nothing. Has anyone seen a response from the powers that be??

    Negative, finally was able to send a ticket in to them this morning...hopefully they get back to us soon.
  • Aoddv1Aoddv1 Posts: 24
    Anyone remember when they eventually came last week
  • now about 20 hrs and still no rewards??? i know a very few have received them whats taking so long? any information from kabam or just radio silence?
  • Can we get an update?Maybe with some details im sure something is known since this is the second week its still going on.Leaving us in the dark is not the way to keep a loyal customer base.Some Specifics would be great
  • I still haven't gotten my aq rewards and neither has my friend we've been waiting a long time for them and we were going to rank up champs with theese rewards now we can't cause we never got them please fix this
  • ŠpooderŠpooder Posts: 41
    Still No AQ rewards tooo :(
  • I’m just wondering if this is going to be a normal thing. As long as I get my rewards, I’m fine. Just let us know something
  • CassyCassy Posts: 794 ★★
    Last time a Ban wave followed. May bei they are Skimming for cheater.
    In any case, a Info would be nice
  • Is it just me, or are others not getting their Alliance rewards each week. It's been a month now since I haven't gotten them and I'm a daily player!
  • Jackd1989Jackd1989 Posts: 347 ★★
    still waiting for my AQ rewards :'(:'(
  • Viper013Viper013 Posts: 88
    Where is aq rewards
  • ChapKJChapKJ Posts: 2
    Still nothing until now guys 😭
  • NewOrderNewOrder Posts: 11
    Has anyone seen my AQ rewards seems that kabam has lost them ?
  • hydrogohardhydrogohard Posts: 177
    this is so frustrating.. we finished the job now where is our pay?
  • @Kabam Miike could we get an update on aq rewards?? 2 weeks in a row getting rewards late and this time is taking a lot longer than last week
  • JayrodzJayrodz Posts: 6
    Yeah a bit of information of what is happening with our AQ rewards would be nice
  • TxAggie17TxAggie17 Posts: 58
    Is anyone else missing their AQ rewards?? No one in my alliance has gotten theirs.
  • Viper013Viper013 Posts: 88
    Just give us our aq rewards
  • Del305_Del305_ Posts: 8
    Still waiting on aq rewards. Any idea what's the hold up
  • hydrogohardhydrogohard Posts: 177
    think ima look some new games up to play this is just insane... week after week
  • Pr0t0t7p3Pr0t0t7p3 Posts: 101
    Lately (post v17) there seems to be recurring issues with getting rewards out for AQ and SA. Seems a systemic issues that needs addressing please.
  • 1st SA now aq? you guys need to compensate for stressing us out like this.
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