AQ rewards [Under Investigation]



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    We havent gotten ours, either.
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    Same here
  • This is silly.
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    Still waiting... I don't understand how it's so hard
  • Are they reviewing every single account? Is there a true reason why we continue to play and now even alliance rewards seem to be a point of contention? Could someone just simply explain if it’s a technical issue or an ongoing issue quote-unquote being resolved. So many of my friends have completely left this game in the past week after almost 3 years of playing. We’re loyal why aren’t the people that run this whole thing listening and showing they appreciate the loyalty? Please mail us ALL when these issues come up. Or is that having issues too? Thank you for your hard work moderators and advisors :)
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    @Kabam Miike any news?
    Other threads are being close yet still no anwser here...
  • Timeframe for sorting this out is ridiculous. Last week I’m guessing there was some technical issue, same again this week? This should have been resolved before this weeks aq started. If it was a bug that was rewarding the players with extra stuff it would have been dealt with swiftly
  • Just they dont want us to change doubt THEY reduced blackout period for AQ but now this thing happened that may prevent players to change ally....the delay in changing ally means missing AQ or SA rewards...
  • 22 hrs have gone by and still no signs of rewards.
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    My entire alliance has. Not received AQ rewards yet. I haven't heard anything about them being late either. Is it just us or anyone else experiencing this?
  • Frustrating. I still enjoy the game, but playing and achieving rewards for small accomplishment should be gratifying, not infuriating. They are missing the point. I get not wanting to give out "freebies", but they need to ensure they meet the base requirements of the reward systems they have built. Universally
  • You’re not alone.
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    Alrite.i don't know if that's good or not lol been almost a day. An no word from Kabam. I would've thought they would say something like they have in the past
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    No rewards here either
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    Just got ours and then a notification for their "offer" not worth it.
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    Hey everyone, just wanted to let you all know that we are still looking into this. We're trying to make sure that everyone gets their AQ rewards as soon as possible and will let everyone know once we have more info about them.

    So a whole day since AQ finished and this is all the info you have?? This happened last AQ some people have got their AQ rank rewards and some haven't, is it the same people missing rewards both times? This is the 2nd time my AQ rewards have been delayed and SA rewards were late too!!
  • Hi all!

    AQ rewards should now be awarded. Apologies for the delay and thanks for your patience, everyone.
  • Where is the compensation for all this mess ? MADHARZAAT @Kabam Miike
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    AQ just came in for me. Still waiting for explanations and discussion of steps taken to make sure this doesn’t happen for the third week running next week.

    Dr. Zola
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    Kabam Lyra wrote: »
    Hi all!

    AQ rewards should now be awarded. Apologies for the delay and thanks for your patience, everyone.

    Nope! Tried logging out then back in, restarting phone but still no AQ rank rewards!!
  • Now look I’m not complaining but I don’t need the glory but there are people who need it more then me kabam get it together again aq rewards have been delayed and people want to take their 4 stars to rank 5 or 5 stars to rank 4 come on kabm its time to stop.
  • Still no sign of mine either
  • It's been 22 hours since AQ ended and my alliance still has not gotten alliance quest rank rewards... Some of us need these rewards to rank up our champions but we can't until we get the rewards... I still haven't gotten any rewards from last week's alliance quest either, I look forward to getting these rewards because they really help me out on getting my champions ranked up.

    Please get this problem fixed as soon as possible.
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  • SkxxxtySkxxxty Posts: 86
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