Framerate drops while playing with/against dormamu and howard the duck

while fighting these two, i have noticed that frame rate drops drastically. Where, u know u can parry it always misses. Seems like rework is needed for these 2 champs to reduce the missing frames. It just ruins the game seeing yourself lose not because of bad playing but because of missing frames etc..


  • Same issue I face with above champs plus doc oc
  • Nothing new, people have already stated these bugs including me , especially the dormamu one when he was made the boss in AQ, kabam wont do anything because frame rate drops screws your gameplay and kills you and then you possibly have to revive and pay kabam in one way or other. It basically benefits them.
  • So nothing will happen?
    thats heart breaking :/
  • Dormmamu is likely due to all the particle effects on his character, can be hard to render for some devices (like mine). I've complained about it numerous times as it makes fighting him in AQ almost impossible when the game is moving at 15-20 fps. Nightcrawler used to be an issue as well for me, but seems to have gotten better. However, I haven't tried NC vs NC again yet, to see if that is still unplayable.
  • atleast an option to reduce graphics for better gameplay should be an option
  • mydnightmydnight Posts: 421
    I wish they had a lower graphics mode for older devices and maybe an option to stop the background animations. It used to lag me out to hell on that stupid Shield Headquarters background.
  • They don’t want to do It ... period
  • MikeHockMikeHock Posts: 1,280 ★★★
    Been like this ever since they were released
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