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Multiple (Longstanding) Bugs Simultaneously

This is discussion as a mean for player to discuss and report certain bug related occurance within the game, to improve the game for the benefits of the community. Thus if you are not/haven't been affected by the bugs, or are just too great to be affected by it, kindly do not flame the thread.

There are several longstanding issues or bugs within the game related to AI fights. For some instances of the bugs to occur is an annoyance but players have to live with it due to Kabam non action.

But for several bugs occuring at the same time is just downright unbelievable as it makes the games unplayable, unenjoyable and totally ridiculous. Unless it is intentional from Kabam part thus rendering it as not a bug, explaining the non action.

During today's Trial of Infinite I couldnt even get pass through Iron Patriot on the first node due to several issues occuring at once.

AI parrying and blocking out of nowhere, breaking combo out of nowhere even at one point I was hitting through IP while at the same time being hit.

In addition my hero suddenly launching heavy attack at the middle of combo. What makes it even more frustating was I cant even hold block the entire match. I lost all 5 champions as I cant even hold block or only occasionally able to.

Before anyone comment on anything, yes I used up all essences, even popping up a Champion boost to be safe. I have completed the trials before, completed other quests, as well thus this isny beyond my skills level. Phones or frame rate isnt an issue, im using S8 on max performance on near full batt. This happen on my main account but none on my 2nd account which i duly completed which makes it even more frustating.

Please Kabam this isnt something new and as i said players have to learn to live with it. But to be facing this BS all together like this just takes all the enjoyment and excitement out of the game. I was so pissed off that eventhough i planned on using Revive i just decided to quit rather than facing the same BS again.

Im not being sour grape for being unable to beat a game. Im being frustated for being beaten, unfairly, by a game, with no effort to rectify it for months.



  • This is in fact very unfortunate. I too have been plagued by this **** for months, others have too. In fact all of my alliance mattes are suffering from this, and some have quitted already. And recently all of the bugs (made bugs) "proc" more frequently.
    But don't get your hopes high. This is "working as intended", it is intentional, you can be sure of it. But it will be the ruin of this game. And all of these threads that are created, are being closed without proper responses and with absurd justifications.
    They are going to close the game in 2020, but the way the game is now (unplayable), they will have no one by that time. And also because the end is near, they will not trouble themselves fixing anything, they are not going to spend any resources. They will in fact milk as much as possible. Haven't you seen the amount of offers and the amount of special events recently? Those are all to milk as much as possible wile they can.

    R.I.P. MCOC.
  • MattScottMattScott Posts: 587 ★★
    Let’s not forget Spider-Man, ultron, and all evading characters for that matter. Who have been able to sit you while they simultaneously evade. Yet when we evade it dashes back and there’s nothing we can do.

    This has been “fixed” since 13.0. Yet as everyone will tell you 5.4.6 ultron does it A LOT!
  • hobohobo Posts: 79
    happen to me all the time i thought it had something to do with android type phone and yes i hate this very much.

    Also who said the game is ending in 2020; if so why waste money on this game if this is true
  • C0W_PattyC0W_Patty Posts: 12
    edited February 2018
    hobo wrote: »
    Also who said the game is ending in 2020

    It has already been stated. And it also coincide with the end of marvels movies series. I think.
  • CicadasxCicadasx Posts: 5
    I know i am not alone in this and im sure there are lot more out there who suffer from the same problem.

    Come on Kabam do your job right. Yes shiny new champs, synergy, Crystal etc is nice bit please take a loot at the basic fundamental og the game which is flawed.

    Unless of course, it is intended to milk players of their cash and not a bug, which we all might have suspected already.
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