Privacy issue?

So, a lot of the issues surrounding the current tos questions are made worse by kabam stating they are protecting a user's privacy. I'd like to say that's nearly as much bs as kabam not clearly stating whether they will properly take action against players flagrantly breaking the rules.

What actual privacy is there that needs protecting? Players make up names, their account information can be seen in game, when they are banned.. Others can see they haven't logged on in some amount of time. But nobody can see any relevant information outside of battlerealm stuff. There are no actual privacy concerns.

Beyond that, kabam has gone to great lengths to create a tos that could be used in any way they see fit, both in the forum and in the game. They literally can do anything with your account anytime they want and they NEVER have to explain any of it. Sure, you could fight it.. But it'd take more money and effort than it's worth. That's kinda what they're banking on.

So how is it this tos gives them godly powers yet they have to make sure not to give out information (that could enlighten the player base) that includes a player's made up name or could be linked back to a player? Or action taken against that made up name? It's a cop-out, plain and simple. Simply saying the magic word "privacy" supposedly allows them to avoid any real questions about the game, the rules, and their actions. It's an incantation that allows them to dodge any issue they want.


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    They're not going to discuss actions taken and expose people as a form of Social Justice. There are many, many reasons why there is a need for privacy when it comes to disciplinary actions.
  • I just don't agree. I don't see where it's kabam's responsibility to protect anyone, outside of emails/passwords/purchase info. The rest is all made up. This has nothing to do with "social justice" either. It has to do with kabam having a ridiculous and made up **** card that they use to dodge real issues that affect the community. It continues the cycle of keeping the player in the dark and getting nothing but empty, meaningless statements from kabam.
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    It's not made up. Some use their real names as their IGN. Branding people is not appropriate. They don't discuss actions on Accounts for many reasons, not just privacy. Yes, they want to respect their identities. However, you open an entire s*%tstorm when you make these things public. As we have already seen recently. People think it's too much. People think it's not enough. People smear Players. It just snowballs indefinitely. The bottom line is, we are not responsible for punishing Players. They are. They're not going to expose people like that. I don't care how passionately we feel about cheating, and I'm there with you, it's not appropriate.
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    That's branding. Can't get behind that one. Besides. Someone can start a new Account and play by the rules. They shouldn't be branded like a Thief in the days of the Bard. Lol
  • I get it. I'm just tired of kabam using it as an excuse to not answer direct questions about if they will actually punish cheaters.
  • It has always been our policy to not discuss the actions taken against someone else's account or disclose details of any players who we have found to be cheating in the Contest. This is a privacy policy that we have always adhered to, and we have addressed this in multiple locations previously. Regardless of whether or not you agree with this policy, it's not one that is up for debate on these forums.
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