Who should I rank 5 ( all duped) :
Star Lord ( attacker)
Ultron ( attacker - sometimes as defender if I would bring YJ)
Howard Duck - ( defender, but for now no synergy)

I don't have any 5* tech champs ; maybe should I wait for awakening Spidey ( stark enhanced) it can take forever...

Let me know what you guys think! Any advice would be appreciated ;)


  • DizzyDizzy Posts: 211
    I’m a Star-Lord fan so my vote is there. He was my first God champ and helped me clear a lot of early quests.

    Even though his sig ability ramps up over time, I still thought it was valuable (maybe it was all in my head) and he’s now helped me get through Realm of Legends.

    No need to awaken Spidey, as the difference between unawakened and awakened there is not nearly as high as Star-Lord.
  • SMiller80SMiller80 Posts: 230 ★★
    I think this depends on your need. If doing story and monthly quests is your priority, I think you should go with Ultron. The regen and immunities make him an ideal champ for any team.

    If you're wanting to do ROL, SL would be a better option.

    Howard is undervalued in the community, imo. He's a good champ, and fun to play. But he still sits third on that list.

    If you have Starky, even unduped, you should probably put him at the top of the list, or maybe second. He takes a bit of learning, and can't take many hits. So if you need someone who can survive fights better, he'd go behind Ultron.
  • Thanks Dizzy for your thoughts.
    Understand your point. I'm down for Star Lord more.
    Problem is that SL got synergy with Gamorra ( I'm not using her at all).
    Ultron has synergy with my Witch (I love her); Abilities : bleed, evade, stun, cauterize, self repair when star lord only fury and element gun.
    Heart - Star Lord, Brain - Ultron
  • SMiller80 thanks for reply. Good question what I need :) I dont know for now and that is the problem. now I'm focusing more on AW and AQ. Ultron ( good as an attacker and defender) can survive more than SL (in my opinion only good as attacker). hmmm :s
  • SMiller80SMiller80 Posts: 230 ★★
    Yeah, SL isn't a good defender. Ultron better for that. Also, he's better for AQ and AW, because of bleed and poison nodes. In addition, his regen helps to save you potions along the way. I love champs that help me save potions.
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