Thor Ragnarok "Friend from Work" Synergy: why not Glad Hulk?

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I mean, the title basically says it all. I know Gladiator Hulk wasn't available when Thor Ragnarok came out, but why not retroactively add him alongside OG Hulk for the synergy? I mean, he is the one who is the "Friend from Work" in the movie after all.


  • TheHoodedDormammuTheHoodedDormammu Posts: 724
    OG Hulk isnt even the friend from work, its the MCU Hulk Gladiator thats the friend from work. Totally agree with you there. They should give a unique synergy for that
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    Cuz kabam. Like Mephisto being coldsnap immune but GR not, and Sabretooth being coldsnap immune and iceman not.
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    I don’t recall Thor working with gladiator hulk in the past. I think he worked with the regular hulk. But yeah I think both should be there but there are other synergies between champs that don’t have much to do with each other that should be fixed first
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    Yeah there shouldn't be any champ that doesn't fit into a 3 synergy squad. Too many that you can only get 2.
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    All older synergies should be revamped anyways. I like the power teams or power trios

    Perfect block synergy gotta go
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    I just think if you're going to name the synergy for the line from the movie, I dunno, maybe make the characters from the movie synergize?
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    Already postet it but got ignored
    I agree of course
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    Would be nice to get some moderator input that this is being brought to the development team. It's a no brainier really
  • DalBotDalBot Posts: 1,014 ★★★★
    *no brainer.
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    This is one of many, many examples of synergies that need updating as new champs are added.

    Most recently, Sabretooth should be added to Wolvie's list of synergies as a nemesis, given their long history. (Wolvie only has 3 currently, so he has room)
  • BajjsbwuqjwBajjsbwuqjw Posts: 809 ★★★
    Sabretooth should even have double synergy with wolvie
    I would say rivals and family
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