WINR is recruiting 4 mil Alliance in Top tier of AQ . . . . WHAAAAAAA?

Yes we are super active super skilled (for our size)
No event mins
Just paly AQ and AW and be active, really active.
We do Maps 4 - 4 - 4 - 4 - 5
And we just promoted last AQ so we are in the Top tier of Alliance quest.
We have 4 slots open, but we are constantly striving to be as active as possible. Some get busy, some aren't as active as they think
You need LINE app, but ally is open to join.
We are in the top of Gold tier 3 in AW as well, need just a little more to get to Gold tier 2


  • BigDudeBigDude Posts: 82
    still have 3 spots. get in prior to AW starting.
  • BigDudeBigDude Posts: 82
    2 slots, hurry. Top tier in AQ, gold 3 in AW. and you don't even need 5/50 champs. be active and grow with us.
    Although at least one 5/50 or 3/35 is preferred.
  • BigDudeBigDude Posts: 82
    still 2 slots. . . .
  • BigDudeBigDude Posts: 82
    get in prior to AQ
  • BigDudeBigDude Posts: 82
    AQ starts today, last chance to get in. if interested friend leader in game.
  • BigDudeBigDude Posts: 82
    1 slot open, had to make it by request to keep out the riff raff
  • PotatoJr6PotatoJr6 Posts: 12
    Added you in-game, let's talk on Line
  • BigDudeBigDude Posts: 82
    1 slot open
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