Little bit odd

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Saw this in the sentinel arena and thought it was a bit odd

So I went to their alliance and saw this, I thought it must be great for a group of 30 friends to jokingly decide to name each of their accounts a Zet and then number
I figure they must all live together so they can log on at the same time, all of them 26/27 minutes ago. What great coordination! They must be great in AQ!

I then noticed that the alliance was Zet02, so I searched to see if there were any other alliances. xdzc2xz25z2s.png
Wow! 4 of them. I looked in each alliance and what do you know That’s 120 people that all called their accounts Zet then some numbers.

I suppose they then all really like arena enough for them to grind it from place 3 to 7 and possibly more.


  • That is definitely odd, and the team is already looking into this. We are not able to discuss investigations into accounts, but are investigating none the less.
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