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Which one of my 4*s is better

MorningStar, Angela, Nebula, Cyclops, Captain Marvel, Falcon, Iron Patriot and Phoenix. Which one is better.


  • taojay1taojay1 Posts: 1,062 ★★★
    Angela is your best damage dealer, and if captain marvel is duped shes pretty good too. Morningstar, nebula, and phoenix have some cool uses as well. Everyone else is eh.
  • chev327foxchev327fox Posts: 826 ★★
    edited March 2018
    Morningstar and Angela are your best of that list ;)

    Nebula is very good too... I really like her personally.
  • Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 3,060 ★★★★★
    Angela is your best. Great damage output. Straight-forward attacking style. Definitely Rank 5 worthy.

    Nebula is also really good as she is bleed & poison immune and also has regen. Very similar to Ultron. Not a bad option for things like Alliance Quests. Holding block will let her charge her Shocks, and will inflict shock damage with a Parry. Only downside is that while holding block, you'll take a good amount of block damage.

    I'm not really a fan of Morning Star. I hear she can be really good but can be a bit tricky to get used to using. I only have her as a 3*, so can't really advise much.

    Cyclops (if duped) has unblockable special attacks with a hit streak of 20. Decent "entry level" champ, but most players don't recommend using him beyond Rank 3.

    Captain Marvel can be a great damage dealer too if awakened. Trick is to not use her special attacks as her attack damage is based on her power level.

    Falcon has a decent bleed, but like Cyclops isn't more than an "entry level" champ.

    IP is junk. You can rank him up if you need another champ for arena grinding, but I wouldn't even really advise that.

    Phoenix is good. Same as Falcon & Cyclops. Players used to rank her up for prestige, but Kabam has been adding a ton of other high-prestige champs that have better functionality.
  • TurbulentUrFaceTurbulentUrFace Posts: 311
    Angela, Morningstar and Nebula are all very good. And Captain marvel (Assuming it's not Kamala Khan) is pretty good.
  • Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 3,060 ★★★★★
    @TurbulentUrFace Khan is a Ms Marvel variant, not captain.
  • TurbulentUrFaceTurbulentUrFace Posts: 311
    Dexman1349 wrote: »
    @TurbulentUrFace Khan is a Ms Marvel variant, not captain.

    *Facepalm* Yep..
  • SoulBreaker1229SoulBreaker1229 Posts: 228
  • SoulBreaker1229SoulBreaker1229 Posts: 228
    Honestly I believe that Angela is best as well. Just wanted to ask the rest of you. Reasons: Damage output and a lot of buffs.

    Found that Nebula block damage thing out the hard way.

    Morningstar is duped by the way.

    The rest: No comment
  • Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 3,060 ★★★★★
    Dr V is really good, but genuinely needs to be awakened to be god-tier. I've only had him for a few weeks (pulled him as a 5* before even have the 4* version), and he can straight up wreck champs that have a stack of buffs (like Groot). His play is a little more nuanced because you have to manage his hit streak for his specials to do specific things.
  • SavageStrangeSavageStrange Posts: 23
    edited March 2018
    MorningStar, Angela, Nebula, Cyclops, Captain Marvel, Falcon, Iron Patriot and Phoenix. Which one is better.

    Phoenix and Cyclops baby :*
  • Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,145 ★★★
    Angela is your best and doesn't need to be duped, she hits really hard and is incredibly useful due to her other abilities though she isn't a really good war defender.

    I really like Morningstar but she needs a dupe to get the most out her and she's a pretty good defender.

    Nebula is good to I just don't have her as anything more than a 3* so I don't have much experience with her but she has a lot of uses and abilities that can make her tricky to fight sometimes.

    Captain marvel isn't to bad, she hits hard as well gets furry has posion immune and can absorb energy when duped.

    Pheonix and cyclops are decent but need dupes and you have to use them right, cyclops basically requires you not to get hit so you can just start fireing off his special one which becomes unblockable but that's about all he has besides good crits and armor breaks.

    Pheonix is a strange one since they kinda messed up with her given how powerful she is in the comics and how underpowered she is here.

    She's not bad she's just not to good either and requires you to play a certain way and is heavily reliant on parry and heavys and takes a bit to get going but when she does she is capable of doing a lot of damage.

    But if you go to far she overloads and you have to start building her pheonix charges again to make the most out of her dupe ability which is one drawback, another one is that she's really brittle and has low health and stats and is pretty bad defender.

    Falcon and iron patriot just aren't to good, for numerous reasons especially iron patriot since his dupe ability just leaves him without armor which is a huge drawback.
  • ThatsausageThatsausage Posts: 214
    MorningStar, Angela, Nebula, Cyclops, Captain Marvel, Falcon, Iron Patriot and Phoenix. Which one is better.

    Morningstar, Angela and Nebula are your best 4*s. Captain Marvel is best when duped at Max level. She does heavy damage while hanging on to her built up power.
  • SoulBreaker1229SoulBreaker1229 Posts: 228
    Well, thanks. You guys think I should sell one of 'em.
  • Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 3,060 ★★★★★
    No, don't sell your champs. Over time you'll begin duping everyone and the rewards for that are significantly better than the short-term gains of selling now. Plus, having a larger roster makes arena grinding a lot faster.

    That being said, I have sold a few champs out of frustration after pulling a **** champ.
  • AssumedNameAssumedName Posts: 533 ★★★
  • FR33_HUG5FR33_HUG5 Posts: 1,197 ★★★★
    MorningStar, Angela, Nebula, Cyclops, Captain Marvel, Falcon, Iron Patriot and Phoenix. Which one is better.

    Phoenix and Cyclops baby :*

    Cable is not on that list.

  • SoulBreaker1229SoulBreaker1229 Posts: 228
    That's because I don't have Cable. (I know, I suck)
  • KennadoKennado Posts: 754 ★★★
    Cyclops is the most effective champ in the game.
  • 8406GR8406GR Posts: 55
    You will choose who best fits your needs. I would pick nebula because she can regen. She is double immune and has one of the sickest special 2’s in this game.
    I hope your quest gets answered to your liking, also good luck!
  • SoulBreaker1229SoulBreaker1229 Posts: 228
    @8406GR Do you have any of these 4*s?
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