Dear Kabam

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I think it's time to seriously aknoledge the game isn't running like it should, from slow moving characters to the complete loss of control of our champs.
I think most of us would for-go new content for awhile and have you focus solely on these ridiculous and game breaking bugs. Not only is this making you look even worse, it's again starting to look intentional.
Don't you think a good company would put out quality content and upkeep said product... plus radio silence or copy and paste meaningless responses don't look all that great either.
In short, do better. You have the funds to do so, so do it already.


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    Bugman1 wrote: »
    Who care about spelling !! Fix this game!!
    I’ve tried everything to get this game to work right.this includes trips to AT&T,the Apple Store and changing phones three times.nothing works! I wrote many tickets about this and still nothing .
    I use:
    iOS 11.2.6
    At&t 31.0
    iPhone 7 +
    Game version 839923
    When the opponent dashes
    Back my guys lock up for a second.i must tap or swipe 2 or 3 times to get them working again.
    Intercepting is impossible !!
    This really got worse when you guys fixed the web swinger Challenge.
    It does it to all opponents but Mordo,Spider-Man classic,miles,Nightcrawler are the worse.
    Please fix ASAP!!
    Whiffing and missing hits are bad too! Block doesn’t work as well.
    Fighting Jugs,Rhino,Agent Venom,Quake are a problem too,if the opponent evades or dashes back I think it locks my guys up?fighting bosses is impossible the way this effects me.
    - [ ] It’s even worse with this new update!! Please send a bunch of potions my way! Thanks and revives.or just fix ASAP
    - [ ] Now a heavy attack happens for no reason and gets me killed!!
    - [ ] Why can’t you fix this??
    - [ ] Please make my account high priority
    I’m ready to call it quits

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    Kabam will just reply asking what operating system you use and in what game mode you see issues. It's their go to move in these kinds of posts. Then they do nothing. The problem it's the servers. They did a server migration late last year and it fixed nothing. They don't want to pay for better servers. It will be fun and interactive after infinity war comes and a new wave of players download the game. Oh the fun we shall have...
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    Game downloads have been steadily decreasing since mid-February. If the trend continues Kabam may realize that the player base is catching to the overall state of bugged gameplay not being addressed/fixed.
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    Apologies for not spell checking.
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