Magneto Buff,3 Day Event Milestones

Magneto :
I think Magneto need a passive skill calls " Metal Sense " which works similar like Blade's Danger Sense.
Passive :(Copy-Paste from Blade's passive)
When against Metal Beings, Metal Sense activates and grants Magneto x Attack Rating while also reducing the opponent’s Ability Accuracy by x%. This Ability Accuracy reduction ignores Metal Beings’ Immunities.
3 Day Events :
I think milestones need to change.My idea for milestones;
First Milestone : 500 Premium Hero Crystal Shards
Second Milestone : 25 Units, 1500 Premium Hero Crystal Shards
Third Milestone : 1 Alpha Catalyst
Fourth Milestone : 1000 3* Crytal Shards
Fifth Milestone : 500 4* Crystal Shards
Sixth Milestone : 250 5* Crystal Shards
Rank Rewards:
1 - 3 : 4* or 5* Crystal , 150 6* Hero Crystal Shards
5% : 125 6* Hero Crystal Shards
6-15% : 100 6* Hero Crystal Shards
16-25% : 75 6* Hero Crystal Shards
26-50% : 50 6* Hero Crystal Shards
51-100% : 20 Units,2000 Battle Chips


  • I couldn't agree more about giving magneto a buff. He's a joke right now. Never used besides arena. I have very few 5 star champs awakend. Unfortunately magneto is one of them. But what's the point?! I also don't think his ability works. I've many times let people sp3 me just to see and more times than not he lost way more than the percentage specified. Magneto without a doubt needs a buff. The metal sense sounds like it would be appropriate. It doesn't give him too much of an edge as it only works against beings with metal.
  • Winner66615Winner66615 Posts: 129
    I agree with u for Magneto's buff. He is such a great character in the comics but in the game is just hard to watch.
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