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Alliance merge!!

I'm currently running my own alliance which is 4.3m rated with 16 members. Only running map 3 as donations are stupidly high for half an alliance. We are currently rated 1200+ in war and have a reliable bunch. I'm looking for a merge but you must come to us as we have plenty of treasury and alot of history where we are. Once we are a full alliance we will consider doing higher maps aslong as it suits everybody. We require line app so if anyone is interested feel free to message me . In-game name and line I.d buckland420


  • Buckland420Buckland420 Posts: 6
    Also open to any single members joining us just message me! :)
  • DCG921DCG921 Posts: 54
    I am very intrested, line id: psyche2119 Game ID: DCG921
  • AdeoserAdeoser Posts: 6
    We need 12 champs to fill our roster if interested check out allaince new_avengers!! Find me on line I’d: adeoser
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