Losing control of champs [Under Investigation]



  • PearlyWhitesPearlyWhites Posts: 39
    In addition to the normal loss of control, my champs are not freezing when the ai is charging a heavy. These normally easy heavies to evade are now hitting cause I can't dash back.
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    I dont understand you mods sorry but this issue has been going on for a long time your reply should of been that we are aware of this and working on it not acting as though it is a new issue and you are going to start working on it this is getting very frustrating. You should of got your answers a long time ago.

    I also couldn’t agree more. I made a similar post the other day about similar issue. One where my champs just stop fighting and stand there and get hit till I’m dead. Can’t remem which mod but she took my post down and I now have a warning. I’ve now realized the caring and professionalism is nonexistent
  • NEONEO Posts: 347
    It feels like auto fight takes control of my champ and makes them do irratic bahavoir or just stand their like a deer in headlights while the FPS fluctuates and the enemy AI is hyper aggressive.
  • NEONEO Posts: 347
    Since this last update it’s gone to hell in handbasket.
  • MrjboydMrjboyd Posts: 32
    They're not going to fix anything. Quit playing the game or spending any money. We won't be compensated for a broken game. They don't care because people are still buying ****. After aw season is over I'm out. I quit spending after the 12.0 debacle. Screw them!
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    Haha! Love this! AW my 4* 5/50 dupe level 99 DD classic Vs 4* Red Hulk. Fight is going perfect, no issues. I bate his SP he fires his projectiles, and I take 2 hits! Mind you at dupe level 99 DD has 100% chance to evade!

    Fix your game!! I'm with everyone else here, and urge every other player to not spend a dime until it's fixed!
  • ChrisS1506ChrisS1506 Posts: 51
    Just in case anyone from Kabam ACTUALLY does read this, I have even enabled pointer and tap location, on my phone. My phone (Moto Z Play) works just fine, and is registering my touch input as it should. Although when playing MCOC it sure doesn't seem like it.
  • LordNegrotronLordNegrotron Posts: 257
    Wait...do the mods not play this game? Cuz if they actively played it, why don’t they see/have the same bugs as we do? I remember I posted about Rhino not becoming unstoppable 100% of the time when you did a charging dash attack (cuz my 5* rhino would charge full screen and just be lightly slapped for trying lol) and my thread got closed cuz a bunch of people were like “back up some more.” “You’re too close” even Kabam someone agreed. Heard no more about it and I agrily brooded for like a week. Then next patch notes, lo and behold, Rhino’s charge gets fixed. Thanks for the apology for shutting me down when I was right.
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    How long is it going to stay under investigation , huh , until you find new bugs for us ? I have literally forgot my death count due to your silly bug.
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    kushstar88 wrote: »
    38 pages later and STILL nothing about this. at this point this is negligence

    You're lucky it wasn't locked and deleted.
  • Nopiii111Nopiii111 Posts: 20
    parry not registered and evades too!
    like 3 consecutive tries to evade but my champs stand still!
    my device is s7 edge with latest nougat btw
  • EmmanuelcoastEmmanuelcoast Posts: 166
    I keep freaking dying because my characters are just dodging forward randomly and I get wrecked. AND SWIPING BACK ISNT WORKING!!! What is this ****?????? We better get compensated for this. Its just as bad as 12.0 if not worse. And people are quitting your game left and right
  • This has been happening to me for a month or so. Today was the 1st time it has happened in AQ. Can we get this resolved? Or is that asking too much?
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    Yeah they reviewed one that i edited.at least you saw it
  • MrjboydMrjboyd Posts: 32
    I'm done. Your can catch me on line with same name. Another warning. Not allowed to discuss responses from support. Peace out!
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