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    Hey Summoners,

    Thank you to everyone that has spent time to report technical issues as of late. Thanks to all of your assistance, we have prepared a new build to address a number of issues that arose after the launch of 18.0. This release is Version 18.0.1, and is will be available on Android soon. The iOS Version will follow once it is approved, which may take longer than the Android version. We have really appreciated all of the detailed reports and screenshots everyone has provided!

    Release Notes:

    - Fixed an issue where data could become corrupted and result in a connection error in game
    - Fixed an issue where your Infinity Dungeon session might end prematurely when your Alliance War Placement or Attack Phase ends
    - Fixed an issue where Special Attacks were able to be interrupted
    - Fixed an issue where icons for Items in the store were not matching up with the names of those Items
    - Fixed an issue where a User's Dungeon team would overwrite their last used Story/Event Quest team
    - Addressed delays in Chat
    - Fixed an issue where the Chat History from one Friend was displayed on the User's window when opening a Chat with a different Friend
    - Various Crash fixes
  • Version 19.1.1

    19.1.1 is a small release to help determine the cause of a problem that occurs in the tutorial for a new player. It is not a necessary update for any of our players that are not starting a new Account.
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    Version 20.0.1

    Version 20.0.1 is a Hot Fix release that addresses a possible infinite load issue during the tutorial of the game. This is not a required update for any existing players, and will only affect new players.
  • Version 20.0.2

    Version 20.0.2 is a Hot Fix release that improves our ability to track down login issues when they are reported.
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