Skilled player in search of an alliance (read info)

Hey fellow summoners! V4

I am currently in search for a long term high tier alliance (ideally a 10+ mil minimum that is gold 1 or plat 3 in AW and runs map 5X5 minimum)

My stats:
- I am a Free to play U.S. Based player
- I use Line and ClanHQ for communication
- Player Rating: 305K
- Prestige: 5.5K
- Level 59
- PVP Win Streak: 305
- Currently have completed: ROL, Full exploration on act 5.1, Bautista's Cosmic challenge, Road to the labrynith, The Web-Slinger Challenge, Goldblum challenge, Michael B. Jordan Challenge, all boss rush challenges, Uncollected, full completion of 5.4, and Unchallenged.
- Got some boss killing capabilities
- I have Map 6 experience and have ran up to Day 3 on it
- I have Gold 1/Plat 3 experience as well
- Can get weekly donations in

Still have questions or interested? Reply to this thread, contact me in game, or hit me up on line so we can chat. I can show you my cat stash, champs, and pictures of titles/completion of stuff. Eager to meet you and get working with ya!
Still have questions or interested?

Best Regards,

Line ID: mypuncake


  • Hugo1313Hugo1313 Posts: 3
    I have slot but contact me when you completed LOL and 100% act 5
    ROL and 5.1 etc whatever you listed above, it doesn’t mean anything cuz everyone can do it.
  • AlphaRebelAlphaRebel Posts: 86
    Contact me in game, Alpha Rebel , I will
    Message you
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