The AI is to much educated

I understand that AI may be very aducated. But in the game for all people the AI must not be as professsional as AI, which defeated Kasparov in chess. I understand that enemy's champion can dash back, parry, block to evade or reduce my attack. But how is it able to think, what will I do next turn, how is it able to wait for me attacking it, and if I begin the attack, it dashes back and then attackes me. Is AI = player? Kabam, please fix it.


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    Hey there, Summoner!

    Well we are glad to hear that the AI's efforts at MIT didn't go unnoticed! We do appreciate your feedback and would love to hear more about it, but it seems you already have a topic opened up on the subject of AI difficulty. I've made sure to close this thread so that you can continue the discussion

    As a heads up, Bugs and Known issues is meant strictly for the discussion of issues involving bugs or glitches found in game. As this is more of a Gameplay issue, make sure to keep it in the appropriate sections.
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