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Wanted: 100k plus player for gold 2 map4 relaxed ally

We are a relaxed ally with no event minimums
But do map45444 and are gold 2 war

Line app a must

We have a couple of spots


  • SlangeSlange Posts: 8
    I'm interested.. I'm 140k, what would you expect of me??
  • Hey are you still looking for ppl? Me and my friend are looking for a new alliance we are 350k and 215k rating
    Message me on line if interested
    ID weaver89
  • BlacksparkBlackspark Posts: 24
    I have a 100k rating and I'm interested. If you're still looking for people, then hit me up in game @blackspark55
  • Kapsdan1Kapsdan1 Posts: 51
    Slange wrote: »
    I'm interested.. I'm 140k, what would you expect of me??

    What's your in game name? We do aq n war , we are just relaxed in events. There are no minimums
  • Hi, I'm a 100k+ active player, can handle my own lanes, line is abhichuelas, I'm keen
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