Arena Help Request and Refresh Time Bug

I’m a heavy arena grinder. I generally utilize synergies to increase my points per round. Lately I’ve noticed that my teams would start refreshing out of order, but I couldn’t pinpoint exactly why.

Today I was waiting for my 6* champs to refresh. I had 6 minutes to go, and had received 4/5 help for them. Suddenly the ask for help button reappeared, so I pressed it. I checked how long it would be for my champs to refresh again, and the time increased to 21 minutes. On checking the alliance help page, my champs only had received 1/5 help.

This leads me to believe that alliance help requests are being periodically reset, and any help received is purged. Can you please look into this?


  • Ch1efsterCh1efster Posts: 457 ★★
    I know I always have to ask for help twice on my 5* champs, unless it is a longer period of time before I check back on them. Just thought it was a thing with 5* and above champs.....maybe not. I don't play 5* or higher arenas much though.
  • shawnli87shawnli87 Posts: 99
    This issue is getting worse. Every time I ask for and receive help, the help is being purged. It is extremely frustrating to schedule my valuable time to grind, only to find out my champs aren’t available when they should be.

    @Kabam Miike can you please look into this?
  • TempestTempest Posts: 295
    yea would like this issue to be looked into as well... I have to beg my alliance mates to mash the help button, and then that help isn't even registered. Another annoying thing is asking for help, then suddenly they all "come back" and I have to request for help for them all over again. What a waste of time endlessly tapping the + button for the second time...
  • shawnli87shawnli87 Posts: 99
    Now I just had to help purged AFTER my champs refreshed. Selected my team, went to start a fight, then the “a network error has occurred” message popped up. Went back in, my champs all had the “+” button, and the same champs that I had previously selected were now 17 minutes from refreshing.

    On another note, you cannot ask for help in arena until after your champions would have refreshed originally, had they not received any help. This has been occurring since the M.O.D.O.K. featured arenas.

    The amount of time now required to utilize the help system is, frankly, insane. Here’s how the scenario plays out:

    1. Use my 5* champs the first round (asking for help after each series).
    2. Check back as often as possible to make sure my help requests aren’t purged.
    3. Try to use my 5* champs, only to find they won’t be ready for another 7 - 35 minutes.
    4. Use my 5* champs.
    5. Return to the arena 35 minutes later to make sure all help is requested.
    6. Repeat steps 2 - 4 for another round.

    Now if I choose not to utilize the help system, I have to waste my time pressing the help button for all my champs right before doing each round.

    The time demands of this game are already becoming excessive. Major bugs such as this, which are being ignored, will drive players such as myself away from the game. You’re letting an amazing game fall apart. @Kabam Miike
  • jdyke23jdyke23 Posts: 138
    i’ve also had this problem and made my arena grind a nightmare !!! account is : jdyke23 and i play on ios on an iphone 8 fully up to date with softaware and all that fun stuff. hope this gets a response
  • RicardobaltoRicardobalto Posts: 238
    Maybe this help. Press the available button during champs selection before picking a fight. The available button takes you instantly to your lowest rank champs, scroll a little bit up until you see R3 champs and build your way up to your r5 champs. While doing so you avoid pressing the help request thus minimizing the lag and all that. Not sure if you understand how I meant? Then LINE ID me Father_of_death and I send a video how I meant so you can get an aha idea :)
  • shawnli87shawnli87 Posts: 99
    @Ricardobalto While that might work, it adds time to each round. Also, if you have a life and you’re trying to sneak in some arena, your champs aren’t refreshing when they’re supposed to. Help requests are not working as intended and need to be fixed.
  • RicardobaltoRicardobalto Posts: 238
    Your 4* collection, depending how much you have, can bypass the refresh timer.
  • shawnli87shawnli87 Posts: 99
    @Ricardobalto That doesn’t make any sense. Also, I’m more concerned with 5*s and 6*s like I mentioned above.
  • RicardobaltoRicardobalto Posts: 238
    A 5* refresh champ takes 6 hours and 6* refresh champ takes 12 hours while 4* refresh champ takes 2 hours. What I meant to say is that your 4* champions, if you’re a pure arena grinder, then it will play over and over and over again till it’s time to use 5-6* champs again mainly because those 4* champs refresh is 2 hours. So 3 rounds of 4* champs is enough to let you use your 5* champs again. Of course 5-6* champs give more points but under that 3 rounds then 4* champs gives more points.
  • shawnli87shawnli87 Posts: 99
    @Ricardobalto I know how arena refresh times work. Those of us who grind arena and also have lives try to plan things out. When the help request system is broken that doesn’t work.
  • RicardobaltoRicardobalto Posts: 238
    Maybe forget to click for help request and just use the available button to faster it out and get back to life again? I’m not trying to piss you off or sounds like a **** or anything like that when I wrote “and get back to life again?” I’m just trying to be helpful ^_^
  • RazalguulRazalguul Posts: 13
    I’ve been having to request help multiple times for all champs 4 star to 6 star. Super annoying! Definitely help is broken.
    grinding arena and having a life dont go together lol if you have a life like you say, i doubt you will be online minutes before your champs refresh..
  • RicardobaltoRicardobalto Posts: 238
    It can work...if you’re lucky as me having a girlfriend that’s a big marvel fans and always lecture me of what wrong I could be for that and that character’s bio :neutral: as well girlfriend being a gamer so a big plus ^_^
  • shawnli87shawnli87 Posts: 99
    @BUNGALNGAL I usually just do the 5* arena for milestones. Doesn’t take much time each day just running 5* and 6* champs, so I have plenty of time for real life. It just sucks when you plan for 30 minutes in the middle of the day, or trying to get the last run in before bed, and then lo and behold champs aren’t ready when they’re supposed to be. You definitely can’t have a life and grind with a broken help system.
  • SammynumnumsSammynumnums Posts: 33
    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Lyra @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Wolf This is still a persistant issue. If you are arena grinding and keep requesting the help for the last 3 champs it looks fine. It appears when the 5* champs are about to or have reached the number of help requests they purge and reset needing to have the help requested all over again. Why does this happen?
  • Kabam LyraKabam Lyra Posts: 2,510 ★★★

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