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Rank Up Problems

Cats73Cats73 Posts: 314
edited April 2018 in Strategy and Tips
Got 3 champs that can go to 5/50, or the 5 star equivalent. Vision is my main power control champ, but I can always just eat the s3 with iceman. I have Sparky and GR for blade. Current 5/50s are Sparky(unduped) and Medusa(dupe level 30). Thanks!

Rank Up Problems 48 votes

Take 5* Iceman to rank 3(unduped)
danielmathvg2782BStephens63INTEGRALAxeCopFirebuffajrDarkrider05Lt_Magnum_1Thecrusher_9756Hdj2taojay1BahamutXFA_Rebootedaaronm21EspGabrielJedo_5mcoctopbazingampDizzyBatpotter1 26 votes
Take 4* Blade to rank 5(unduped)
DarkestDestroyerShynight00Nevermind125JadedSac123_MasterTroller42nameplasSuperSam57AnimatronicstoDRTOJackbrooks2580TheRealmKeeperKobster84Mitchell35EdNortonKDSuperFlash10cx234333idsfhilwuaghwva 18 votes
Take 4* vision to rank 5(dupe level 30)
FR33_HUG5LogangronckiTinoMiaPandoraFlame 4 votes


  • Cats73Cats73 Posts: 314
    It’s AOU vision btw, not OG vision.
  • Cats73Cats73 Posts: 314
    Oops posted this in general discussion lol, can someone move it to strategy and tips?
  • PandoraFlamePandoraFlame Posts: 110
    Take 4* vision to rank 5(dupe level 30)
    I have an Vision (AOU) as well, and I've heard that he is amazing when it comes to getting power gains and steals. I only have him at Rank 2, but he should be significant good the more you rank up. :-)
  • Lt_Magnum_1Lt_Magnum_1 Posts: 637 ★★
    Take 5* Iceman to rank 3(unduped)
    Iceman has triple immunity and frostbite (which is NOT a debuff and can not be prevented unless if foe is Mephisto or Sabertooth). Ice Armor too. I use him a lot in AQ.
  • Cats73Cats73 Posts: 314
    Yeah a lot of the people I’m asking say iceman, I’ll probably go for him, blade, then vision
  • Hdj2Hdj2 Posts: 37
    Take 5* Iceman to rank 3(unduped)
    5* iceman
  • JadedJaded Posts: 4,651 ★★★★★
    Take 4* Blade to rank 5(unduped)
    Blade. He’ll help more in the long run with story quests and monthly quests even unduped. Not hating on iceman but blade even as a 4* is superior to a 5* iceman to rank 3.
  • Blitzkilla420Blitzkilla420 Posts: 561 ★★★
    ice man
  • Hey Cats73, as requested, I've moved this discussion over to the Strategy and Tips section of the Forum.
  • cx234333cx234333 Posts: 111
    Take 4* Blade to rank 5(unduped)
    colossus should be considered first
  • Cats73Cats73 Posts: 314
    Really? Huh, guess I'll take him up to 4/40 in preparation ;)
  • StrStr Posts: 547 ★★
    Blade is the biggest game changer. He is great for aw and content you cant get around. Whilst iceman is a great investment, your stark spidey can cover power control so you dont need iceman to tank l3s. Stark spideys taunt and heavy attack will take care of bearly anything.
    Blade can deal with mephisto, dormamu and magik much better than iceman.

    I would only rank iceman over blade if i felt i needed an immunities champion for biohazard paths or i really struggled more with evade champions like spidey and NC.
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