Day 5 sentinels after sentinels in map 3....soul destroying.

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We are a semi retired alliance, most of us finishing off end game content. By day 5 fighting these sentinels are more tedious them most of the LOL fights I’ve done... they are clunky, monotonous to say the least, when the maps were free the other week we did map 5/6 and fights were actually much more fun (never thought I’d say it) due to variety and actually easier then the current map 3 sentinels take over... 5 days of aq of these sentinels is just too repetitive. We have had people that have been in alliance for a very long time just retire completely now due to the tediousness of aq now and seems with the feedback from alliance many more to follow. Please implement some kind of change to add variety in map 3 to stop it feel like a factory line of same thing for 5 days straight.

Thanks in advance for reading.


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    Use Medusa, 4* destroys Sentinels all 5 days of AQ. Combo with two medium attacks then use sp1 and the fight is over.
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