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Dungeons: Why am I getting matched up with this guy?

I wanted to run dungeon 4 with my high-level champs, so I clicked on find a partner and got matched up with this guy.


  • ChickenWaffles4ChickenWaffles4 Posts: 26
    edited May 2018
    I know I shouldn't use the find a partner feature, but is this a bug, or is this normal?
  • GamerGamer Posts: 9,120 ★★★★★
    Im Got trol im use max3 Stars one dounge 3. And Got to ROM 3 and he wont to cunclude and we bouth wher one good hps so we cunculd. Im was happy im only use 3 stars
  • Blitzkilla420Blitzkilla420 Posts: 561 ★★★
    i dont think this feature works at all
  • SpiritOfVengeanceSpiritOfVengeance Posts: 2,353 ★★★★
    What room did you get to?
  • Thecrusher_9756Thecrusher_9756 Posts: 766 ★★★
    Something similar happened to me... I got matched with a guy who lost all his champs on the very first fight in room 1 against Loki.
  • Lt_Magnum_1Lt_Magnum_1 Posts: 637 ★★
    I had some very very bad experiences with partnering up. Go to global or your ally if you want a good partner.
  • ChickenWaffles4ChickenWaffles4 Posts: 26
    What room did you get to?

    Only room 1. He died on the first node so I had to take out the boss linked.
  • TiemiliosTiemilios Posts: 337
    This happened to me too...I just posted similar...really not cool.


  • CosmicAymarCosmicAymar Posts: 73
    Dungeons suck. I dont do global So.... yeah
  • SperaSpera Posts: 148
    I've been using find partner to do dungeon 6 , even if the partner isn't skilled but just happens to have high pi you can atleast manage 2 rooms for 3k points ... it's been working fine for me this way honestly, only problem I'm having is "problems connecting" keeps popping up making it hard to finish a room before time out 😈
  • World EaterWorld Eater Posts: 3,023 ★★★★★
    edited May 2018
    Thanks for wasting my 5* Cap marvel on a garbage matchup.

    Oh and my game crashed on the first node which is why ultron has 1/2 health


  • NinjaWarrior99NinjaWarrior99 Posts: 340
    MikeHock wrote: »
    Thanks for wasting my 5* Cap marvel on a garbage matchup.

    Oh and my game crashed on the first node which is why ultron has 1/2 health
    yeah the game crashing thing sucks. happened to me the other day a few rooms into dungeon 5. it crashed when i pressed the fight button and that caused loss of half health.. that's real fair.
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