11 Million Ally Looking For New Members MAP 5X5

Looking for new members who are confident they can clear paths.
War rating 1176, gold 2, alliance rating 11.5 mill, map 5x5. Alliance tag M I G


  • InxInx Posts: 115
    Looking for players who can clear path H and D in war. War 1707
    Gold 2
  • InxInx Posts: 115
    Mistake in original post, not 1176 in war rating, but 1707.
  • RicardobaltoRicardobalto Posts: 238
    - I’m a Swedish player
    - Prestige close to 4700
    - Expert in map5x5
    - I have Line ID
    - I’m a pure arena grinder, which makes me a grinder on other events such as arena series/perfect series and such
    - Dislike duel a lot so I’m not gonna spend my time on dueling but if it’s mandatory then I do it and get it done.
    - even though my prestige may not suit for an alliance grinder only, do overlook it as you won’t regret it as I am a pure grinder :)
    - I am a YouTuber
    - I have a dog...... :3
    - What more do you want to know?

    I can do path H.
  • InxInx Posts: 115
    Sure do whats your line?
  • RicardobaltoRicardobalto Posts: 238
  • InxInx Posts: 115
    Path H taken, D left.
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