Account sharing?

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I just open new discussion as i think this will give more answer to my recent question with kabam.
I got 11 accounts and i have 5 gadgets( IpadPro, IpadAir2,Iphone8Plus,2 androids)
I am playing this game for almost or over 3 years.
The question and problem is called account sharing if you logged in and out of those devices just to log in all your accounts?
I am the only one playing and using all my accounts.
I need answer from Kabam staff.


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    If you're the only one playing your Accounts, it's not Account Sharing. Sharing involves exchanging Login Information with someone else, or otherwise having someone else play Accounts.
  • r3alr3al Posts: 14
    yeah and i know it,
    But i need Kabam staff answer my question as this gives me more relevant answer to my case.
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 32,739 ★★★★★
    They've already answered it many times. As long as you're the owner, multiple Accounts on multiple devices is allowed.
  • r3alr3al Posts: 14
    But they FAILED to impose this to me.
    They give me punitive action for doing this, maybe they dont know who's who!
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    Hey All,

    Account Sharing is against our terms of service, and always has been. We understand that this might come as a shock to some players, but this is something that many players have been discussing since the beginning of Alliance Wars Season 1, if not long before. It is not fair to allow some players to break the Terms of Service, while others that are playing legitimately are at a disadvantage.

    You are allowed to have more than one account, and as long as you are playing your own accounts, you do not have to worry. If you're not breaking the Terms of Service here, you shouldn't be worried.

    It's called a 'search function' - try to use it next time.
    This took me about ten seconds to find.
  • r3alr3al Posts: 14
    Yes Sir, but you recently punished me in AW for this.
    i got case number 04736040 and 04736050
  • r3alr3al Posts: 14
    I am a ONE MAN gang in my alliance using all my 11 accounts.
    No other person or people join me there, it is only me with all those accounts.
    I think i wont play anymore any AW as this will give me more punishment for logging in with all (multiple) my accounts.
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    Have all 11 accounts always been yours?
    Have you taken over any from friends that quit the game?
  • r3alr3al Posts: 14
    No it is all mine
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    If you created all the accounts and built them all then there shouldn't be a problem.. You can ask support to look into it.. Give them as much info about the accounts as you can (dates created, any purchases made, devices you have used with them, ect) The more info you can provide the better and easier it is for them to establish you as the sole owner of all of them..
  • r3alr3al Posts: 14
    lol, how can you all remembered when and which accounts was created on those days or date hahhaha
    anyway it is better not to play AW anymore
  • Hi r3al,

    We are unable to look into your in-game account from the forums. You will need to follow up with our Support Team if you have questions about your account.
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    This has been addressed multiple times already, as noted in the quote above. So this thread will now be closed.
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