Change rewards in daily calender



  • Troyster316Troyster316 Posts: 51
    This is the the reason why Kabam keeps hammering us with ****. Because people take the crumbs they throw us and you people excepting it and criticizing others that complain. If you pay attention at all you would have noticed that the “free” rewards have steadily decreased in value and the OP has a legitimate complaint! They have gone from at the high point of giving us t2a’s and a couple of t4b’s to maybe one t4b at the end to insure log in, plus a bunch of useless **** like level 1 revives and items that sit in storage and expire. But by all means keep on excepting these crumbs and that’s what you will continue to receive! And by the way keep criticizing those that complain so Kabam won’t have to censor their posts themselves!
  • Hey there,

    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on the current Daily Calendar rewards. We would love to hear your thoughts and see in what ways you could expand on this more than just level 40+ gets 4 Star Shards, level 30 + gets three star shards. Show us what you feel would be appropriate! Keep in mind this isn't a guarantee changes will occur to the current Daily calendar, but we are always looking for new and creative ways to help improve the game.

    Also, as a note, make sure to keep the conversation constructive. We understand it is tough to keep it cool when talking about something you are passionate about, but going off topic or attacking another Summoner's ideas just takes away from good, solid feedback.
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