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Unable to purchase crystal with dark artifacts

Trying to purchase the 5-star chaos crystal with my dark artifacts and it says I’ve already purchased the daily limit. First off, I purchased the chaos crystal 2 weeks ago and not today. Second, nowhere does it say you can’t buy more than one of the same crystal. So what’s the deal?


  • Ronin916Ronin916 Posts: 85
    They've said you can't buy each crystal more than once
  • NaTiSaAdNaTiSaAd Posts: 50
    Read through all of the introduction to infinity dungeons and updates. Haven’t seen that stated once.
  • Ronin916Ronin916 Posts: 85
    I can't remember what thread it was brought up in, but they did update us at one point. Honestly it wasn't made very clear though, you kinda have to search for it. It confused a lot of people
  • NaTiSaAdNaTiSaAd Posts: 50
    Found the thread it was mentioned in, which included a post from @Kabam Miike claiming you could buy the same crystal more than once. He then later said that he was mistaken. My question to the moderators is why was this not addressed when introducing the dungeons. Additionally, @Kabam Miike said that this was clarified elsewhere. Where was this clarified? Why wasn’t this made known in an update in the infinity dungeons update thread? Where’s the communication and transparency?
  • mydnightmydnight Posts: 671 ★★★
    This was never specified. Brian Grant even went through a whole video on which crystal u should be focusing on to buy multiple times.
  • AxeCopFireAxeCopFire Posts: 1,115 ★★★
  • NaTiSaAdNaTiSaAd Posts: 50
    AxeCopFire wrote: »

    Yeah I found that thread. This was only in response to another poster asking why he couldn’t buy the same crystal more than once. This was never stated anywhere else other than in this response.
  • JRock808JRock808 Posts: 1,149 ★★★★
    It should have been an announcement and sent as mail in game. Burying it deep in one of manynthreads is hardly transparent, but I guess they can fall back on “we told you... somewhere”.
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