Are hero crystals too expensive considering the chances of getting 3 star plus

I’m level 20 so I no longer rally have much use for 2 stars and I can’t really spend money on the game. Shards and credits are really hard to accumulate and when you get a 2 star who isn’t a duplicate they’re quite useless. I like the idea of the uncollected crystal but I’m not level 40. Please have you’re say (agree or disagree) and correct me f I’m wrong about anything.

Are hero crystals too expensive considering the chances of getting 3 star plus 8 votes

Credits could be easier to come by without spending money
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Shards should be easier to come by
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Credits and shards should be easier to come by
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Drop rates on hero crystals should be higher
12% 1 vote
There should be another rank of premium hero crystal that’s available to all who can afford it
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Agree with most options (please comment)
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Completely disagree
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  • Darkness275Darkness275 Posts: 326 ★★
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    Honestly, Kabam gets a lot of flack - some deservedly so and some times it goes a little overboard - I really enjoy the game and they do provide a lot of opportunities to get things for 'free' (quotations for cost vs time/effort invested). With that being said, while I think that credits are relatively easy to come by, to be honest, I agree in saying that prices for things are pretty ridiculous given the drop rates. Now, if prices were to remain the same, credits and shards could both stand to be a little easier to come by - even if it's just moving them to earlier in the grind/calendar.

    There's really no reason to not include battlechips in the cornucopia event milestones - or to not upgrade that to even a 3* crystal. Battlechips are easily the best way to come across 'free' (again, cost vs time/effort invested) units, but the conucopia event milestones, which are probably the easiest for most (especially new players) to accomplish only grant 2* crystals.

    With the introduction of 6* characters, 2* characters (and thus crystals) are incredibly irrelevant. Even more-so for new players who are (anecdotally) coming across 3/4/5* more regularly than ever before.

    If prices for everything remains the same, both units and shards could afford to be more accessible; whether it's rewards on more milestones, a higher yield rewarded on the current milestones, etc... with that being said however, yield, availability and drop rates could remain the same, if prices were to drop, particularly on some of the things which cost units as well as shard crystals.

    With the introduction of 6* characters for example, is there really a reason why 5* crystals need to cost 10k? That could probably be dropped to as low as 5k shards; to respond to the influx of 5* characters, develop newer and difficult content. Difficult, but beatable content. Challenging, but fun... not an Ice Phoenix with a sig of 80 and Starburst/Thornes...

    Units and shards are, admittedly, both easy to come by. But it's a grind... a massive grind, and while I enjoy grind, this is still a game and shouldn't feel like a job. Prices could drop, or availability/yield of both units and shards could be increased. Replace all 2* crystals with 3* ones, lower the cost of 5* crystals by (at most) 50% and keep pushing that new content.
  • RapRap Posts: 2,986 ★★★★
    I do feel that 3 and 4 star drop rates should be adjusted as 3s are like 1 stars compared to 6 stars now, and the 4s have dropped to basically be the new 3 stars...
  • Cujo999Cujo999 Posts: 117
    If people are still dropping units on crystals at the current price point, there's no incentive for Kabam to drop crystal prices. I guarantee you that tons of money was dropped on the IMIW FGMC's.

    If you're a new FTP'er, your units should be going to mastery cores. Buying crystals with units is really more of a way for spenders to accelerate their progress. In either case, you should be grinding the 3* and 4* Basic arenas for champs while you're still in the Beginner and Intermediate brackets.

  • Smasher07mlgSmasher07mlg Posts: 28
    Good advice, thanks. Are you a hardcore.
  • Smasher07mlgSmasher07mlg Posts: 28
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