Looking for members.

McocleeMcoclee Posts: 24
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Looking for a small merger coming this way


  • How small and would you be willing to come over to say my alliance?
  • McocleeMcoclee Posts: 24
    What’s the name of your alliance? And how many can you take?
  • Hello! I can take up 6 people if you are still looking for an alliance!

    My username in the game is the same in here. If you're available, add me and we can chat.
  • What maps do you play? my current alliance is map 1+2 and fairly inactive so im looking a new one, username is lorcanmccaughey if you want to check out my profile, let me know if im suited to your alliance
  • Just checked out your alliance and would definately like to join if that cool with you, added you
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