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Already have 3s DP

Why is he being sold to me again along with a Healing Factor Arena ticket?


  • FixxxFixxx Posts: 234

    It’s showing my DP as 0
  • FixxxFixxx Posts: 234
    I just got the mail about this bundle. So one ticket = one entry, which means just having DP is no longer enough. Okay, got it. Not a bug then—just another ‘sale’
  • Philly3974Philly3974 Posts: 360
    This is what was in the announcement..you should get your ticket when the arena starts Thursday, then you will have to purchase more for additional entries..its all a cash grab...

    NOTE: For all Summoners that have purchased a 3-Star Deadpool in the past, you will receive your entry ticket to the Healing Factor arena the morning of the first Arena. You will not be able to purchase more entries to the Healing Factor Arena until you have used the one in your possession.
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