Looking for a chill alliance that still does 3 BGs

Ok so I'm looking for a chill alliance that does 3 BGs of at least map 3x5 or higher.
Events not mandatory but still gets SA rewards every week.
I am a 5100 prestige 560k rating player.
Looking to join today!

Please leave the name or tag of your alliance if you reply.


  • Aclark151Aclark151 Posts: 112
    Tag is 7378, 8M alliances marching your AQ request, line required add me in game or on line Aclark151 is for both accounts bud. Good grownup alliance.
  • Gale74Gale74 Posts: 46
    Got a group that fits your description to a T. AQ/AW

    3 bgs.
    We clear SA weekly.
    Solid group that’s interactive


  • MsHowlettMsHowlett Posts: 27
    hey we run 3bg wars and aq we run 55353. 2 wars a week. there is donations because map 5 but they are easy to make. We get SA weekly no problem.
    (17773) is the tag or find me in game or on line @kate.kirkham
  • Blueeyeswhite21Blueeyeswhite21 Posts: 30
    BlueEyesWhite21 message me in game and we’ll chat. We do that no problem
  • LrrrrLrrrr Posts: 234 ★★
    edited June 2018
    Road warriors does 5x5. Runs 3 bgs. SA easy each week.
    Line: seminaryman/adam
    Alli: the road warriors (trwku)
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