Auto Evade Still Broken and Causing Dropped Blocks

I believe the dropped blocks from auto evade was reported as fixed, but it is not. Fought Cable bane node in uncollected 3.1 with my Sparky, and while he auto evaded the first few parts of Cable’s L1, I got caught by the last beam, even though I held block the entire time. This happened all 3 times. This of course meant I started to suffer bane, which was just some icing on the cake.


  • Carmel1Carmel1 Posts: 268
    Same here.
    Happened to me with sparky against bishop sp1 in monthly quest. He auto evade the first bullet and I got hit by the last one.
    Also happened with sparky against cable in arena. It was against Thanos team so no special synergy and no, cable didn’t have true strike buff.
    In both cases I hold block without trying to evade and I kept pressing block during the entire time.

    Device iPhone X
    OS: iOS 11.3.1
  • Carmel1Carmel1 Posts: 268
    Any news?
  • AfflictionAffliction Posts: 368 ★★
    Was testing out Domino against ROL WS and he did his special 2 which she had evaded successfully multiple times. But randomly one time I was hit on the back end of his sp2 after holding block she evaded and got hit.
  • Speeds80Speeds80 Posts: 1,274 ★★★
    Yeah finding this with starky again lately, against punisher and war machine I’ve been hit this week, war machine was in war on unblockable l1 node but he was evading so not sure if that interaction but then against punisher in arena same thing happened on the l2, iPhone se latest iOS
  • Carmel1Carmel1 Posts: 268
  • Carmel1Carmel1 Posts: 268
    Why is it so hard to get answers?
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