Everyone say it with me! "Ability envy"

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If I did this correctly, the SS above should be for Domino in the new EQ.


And this one above should be for Hawkeye.

Brings to mind an old saying, "a picture is worth a Thousand words". Lol


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    Yeah, Kabam is going down the "can do everything at once" road. It is simply too much. What is indeed wrong with a champion with a handful abilities like Hawkeye? Heck, top champion is still Starlord and he has only his combo attack boost, Fury and Element Gun.
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    The game definitely needs a quality of life update honestly but the hard part about that is even minor changes and the community flips out and goes nuts, originally the direct returns and all that in the 12.0 update was supposed to be a massive quality of life update and i think we all remember how that went.
  • OP, it’s called power creep lol. Game gets less and less playable every day. I’m not even tempted to buy a crystal that has a champ whose abilities I can’t understand. Sheesh
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    Every month's quest is becoming a book to read abilities on come december we will be reading a dictionary of abilities on whoever is selected for the end of the yr 😂😂😂

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    I'm curious to know if a thought I had might be something similar that has run across the minds of others, or if I'm actually having some stupid thoughts all to myself.Lol

    So, fighting the new champs from these last few events, it occurred to me that at least personally, there is no way in hell I'm going to be able to pay attn to let alone keep track of all the necessary interactions that can/can't trigger a champs multitude of abilities. Some dependant on my champs buff/debuffs, and some dependant on other criteria listed such as Hp level, power level, so on and so forth.

    As far as I am aware, a great number of character ability inaccuracies have been discovered by the player base, and some have even been noticed by me, who is lacking in observation skills compared to the general public. That was mainly due to the fact that there were interactions that didnt involve so many different metrics of the game.

    Basically, it made me ask myself, how in the world or who in the world is going to be able to "keep watch" over whether things are "working as intended" or something is definitely wrong with these new champs and their abilities? Surely cant be an easy task. Maybe we just forget about all of it and accept everything is "working as intended"?

    Anyone possiby share some similar concern?
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