Played in 5, still in alliance, didn't get rewards?

I have a serious question because I don't know the answer or what has happened. One of the members in my alliance, who has been with us since season 1 and is still in the alliance, played in 5 AW's in season 2 and didn't get his rewards. He has contacted customer support but they keep telling him he only played in 4. He has to keep opening new tickets because they keep closing them on him. I even contacted customer support on his behalf and was told due to player privacy... Blah, blah, blah. I got told no dice.
So if SOMEONE who knows the answer to this will please let me know what is going on, why he didn't get his season 2 rewards, I would deeply appreciate it. @Kabam Miike ? Season 2 was 55 or 56 days right? The oldest AW shown in the pics it's 53 days old. Look for "Nof4".


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    Did your alliance member leave the alliance at any time? If he did, he must fight in five wars from the time he rejoins. Fighting in five wars is not enough: it has to be five since the last time he joined.

    If he was with the alliance for the entire time, tell him to open a ticket and send him your screenshots so he can use them to prove he was in five wars. If that doesn't do it, I can only suggest as a last resort private message a forum mod with the ticket info and all relevant information that would prove he fought in five wars and was in the alliance the entire time. Also, this is something he or she would need to do themselves: you can't do any of it for them. You can help them by providing information like screen caps, but they have to do all the communications themselves.
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    Thanks @DNA3000 . He was with us the whole time, never left. He keeps opening tickets with customer support but they keep saying it's only 4 and closing the tickets before he can reply back.
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    Hi 1966SG,

    The Support Team would be able to access the account information to see if they have meet the goals necessary to obtain the season rewards. Season 2 started on May 2nd and ran until June 26th.

    Moderation is unable to access in-game accounts to verify to see if they have completed these. As this is the case, your friend will need to contact Support with the included screenshots and information.

    As your friend has already reached out to our Support Team, I am going to go ahead and close this thread. Have them follow up with the ticket that they have already created.

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